Careers At Lakefront Lines

Since 1964, Lakefront Lines has been helping people like you build outstanding careers. Lakefront is the biggest motorcoach company in all of Ohio, and we believe that a large part of our success is our employees.


Lakefront Lines started as a family owned company and is now part of the Coach USA network. We create a community atmosphere from the top of our leadership to our part-time employees and customers. We believe that this active family environment has been key to our success.


When you have a career with Lakefront, you have the opportunity to travel the United States. We have offices throughout Ohio and Michigan. Our clients travel routes to Niagara Falls, New York City, New Orleans, and more. With Lakefront, you can see these sites for yourself.


Lakefront gives its employees the chance to meet people from across the nation. Our customers and our tours will help you to meet new people from places you never expected. Branch out of your hometown and regular social routine with Lakefront!


We hire quality employees to ensure that our customers have a quality experience. We have the biggest fleet of deluxe over-the-road motorcoaches, and we offer a wide range of services to our customers, but these things mean nothing without quality.

For a career with community, adventure, social experiences, and quality, choose Lakefront Lines!

Employment Opportunities



Motorcoach Drivers


Diesel Mechanics

For more information on any of these positions, contact Lakefront Lines at 216-267-8810.